What is Fish Skin

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What is Fish Skin

01 July, 2021

Fish Skin

When you’re walking in the supermarket, you’d see rows and rows of potato chips. Your eyes would scan through the rows, eventually landing on a pouch; “Fish Skin? What’s that, how is that a snack? I’ve heard of prawn and fish crackers but fish skin?”. The IRV Files is here to tell you more about them and how it could be your next #DangerouslyAddictive go to snack!

what is fish skin pouch

In our previous IRV File, we talked about our Salted Egg and where we get them from. The spotlight is now on our fish skins. So how did we make fish skin into our hottest selling snack? Let’s dive right in (no pun intended).

what is fish skin lifestyle

Firstly, they come from a species of fish called the Pangasius. Did you know, they’re one of the most common fish that we consume in our daily life?The pangasius fishes are caught and we up-cycle the fish skin into fried fish skin chips! Here at IRVINS, we take the utmost quality check for the fish skin we use.

what is fish skin qc

The fish skin undergoes stringent testing for aquaculture drugs and microbiological testing to make sure it is compliant to FDA regulation. It goes through further sorting and checking to ensure they meet our premium quality standards for you to consume.

what is fish skin packing

These fish skin snacks first became popular when we were just a seafood restaurant. Seeing the demand for these Salted Egg Fish Skin snacks, we started to produce it as our very first product. Years later, our Salted Egg Fish Skin are our most popular selling snack.

irvins what is fish skin salted egg fish skin finished product

Now you can get our snacks both in-stores and online as well, we’re bringing IRVINS conveniently to you.
Shop now and get our #DangerouslyAddictive snacks right to your doorsteps, we ship worldwide to almost all over the globe as well 💛