What is Salted Egg?

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What is Salted Egg?

28 May, 2021

Salted Egg Yolks

Here’s the biggest question from anyone that is new to our snacks. What is Salted Egg? We’re here to debunk this mysterious Asian flavour that not everyone would know about. For a quick introduction, the salted duck egg is commonly found in Asian cuisines. Now let’s delve into the wondrous world of Salted Egg!

what is salted egg khaki campbell Khaki Campbell

The journey starts off with acquiring Fresh Duck Eggs from a particular species called the Khaki Campbell. The ducks are all from a free range duck farm that has undergone all the proper legislation. Our supplier ensures that the fresh eggs are hatched from the hatchery.

what is salted egg fresh duck eggs Fresh Duck Eggs

The fresh duck eggs would then undergo the process of Brining. Brining is the process where the duck eggs are preserved in salted soil for about 25 to 30 days under ambient condition. From these brined eggs, we would use the salted egg yolks for our salted egg flavour.

what is salted eggs salted eggs

What makes our salted egg flavour premium? We source and use the highest quality salted eggs whilst sorting and checking the parameters stringently before using the eggs. Our production and QAQC teams reject any salted egg pieces or batches that do not meet our strict parameters. As seen in the process, we use real salted eggs instead of salted egg powders (processed + added mixed seasoning).

what is salted egg macro

Why are our snacks priced the way they are? Mass brands that are able to sell products at a cheaper and affordable price, often use flavourings and other substitutes. More so, their snacks often contain traces or no salted egg content at all. At IRVINS, we use frozen salted egg yolks which derive from fresh duck eggs that are transported under a stringent cold chain. Our salted egg yolks are a dark, shiny orange colour and of consistent size throughout.

what is salted egg salted egg tray

In summary, we use real duck eggs and we get the salted eggs through the process of brining. We would then use the frozen salted egg yolks we get from the fresh salted eggs and these egg yolks are added to our #DangerouslyAddictive Salted Egg formula. They proceed to be mixed and that’s how we get our Salted Egg snacks.


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