Wondrous World of Salmon Skin

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Wondrous World of Salmon Skin

31 August, 2021

Salted Egg Salmon Skin

You’ve probably tried our Salted Egg Fish Skin products. They’re one of our Best Sellers of all time ever since the launch of IRVINS as a Brand years ago. A definite go-to fan favorite when it comes to an IRVINS product. Bringing our love for fish to another level, IRVINS has launched Salmon Skin in March, and it has been well-loved by many since then.

salted egg fish skin

To know more about Salmon Skin, let's start with finding out the difference between fish skin and salmon skin. Some of you might have not known the origins of Fish Skin. As we’ve explained in our IRV Files here; Our Fish Skin comes from a species of fish called the Pangasius. They’re one of the most common fish that we consume. The pangasius fishes are caught and we upcycle the fish skin into fried fish skin you find in our products.

fish skin on tray

Now onto Salmon Skin. What is all in this crunchy delectable snack? Why Salmon? What sets it apart from the pangasius fish we normally use? Here are the deets to it!

Why Salmon?

We’re sure you know the health benefits that come with consuming salmon. Other than being a dish for meals, we can have them as a snack to curb those munchies. As you know, the skin of the salmon is often removed before being served in dishes such as eggs royale and sushi. We’re here to upcycling the skin and produce them as amazing snacks such as the Salted Egg Salmon Skin or the Hot Boom Salmon Skin.

salmon skin

There are many benefits to Salmon as well. It is known to have a good source of protein as well as being rich in Omega-3 as well. Proteins are able to help our body in healing and also maintaining muscle mass during weight loss. To top off the richness in protein, salmon is rich in omega-3 fatty acids. This helps increase blood flow, lowers blood pressure and even decreases inflammation!

Definitely a bonus for beauty enthusiasts, Salmon is packed with marine collagen. They are there to help improve and maintain the condition of your skin, hair, nails and even bones much quicker than your normal collagen.

salted egg salmon skin

Not only does salmon have an amazing taste, it is keto-friendly as well. Hint: You can sneak in our salmon skin products into your keto diet. How good does that sound?

We’re always innovating new flavors for our Salmon Skin so keep a lookout for more flavors in the future!

salted egg salmon skin big small

Now you can get our snacks both in-stores and online as well, we’re bringing IRVINS conveniently to you.

Shop now and get our #DangerouslyAddictive snacks right to your doorsteps, we ship worldwide to almost all over the globe as well 💛

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