Can I bring your snacks to other countries?

We highly advise you to declare or hand carry our snacks should you be worried on custom regulations. We could not guarantee that our snacks will reach the destination safely especially for countries with strict custom clearance (eg. Australia, New Zealand & Indonesia). We are also not liable should the snacks get held up at customs.

What is the shelf life of your products?

Expiry dates are printed at the back of each pouch/box for better reference.

Do note that products received will be of at least 3 months to expiry with the exception of promotional items.

How can I purchase your salted egg snacks?



What is Salted Egg?

Salted egg is the main ingredient in our premium homestyle recipe. We use high quality salted duck egg yolk which is a Chinese speciality made by curing duck eggs in brine or salted charcoal.

What is “Hot Boom”?

Hot Boom refers to the spicy versions of our salted egg snacks. If you’re looking for a kick, try our Spicy Salted Egg Potato Chips and Spicy Salted Egg Cassava Chips.

What makes IRVINS the original and best Salted Egg snack?

IRVINS Salted Egg snacks originated in Singapore from Irvins Live Seafood Restaurant back in 2008. Founder Irvin Gunawan quickly realized the popularity of the Dangerously Addictive snacks and began expanding across Singapore, and eventually overseas. Our salted egg snacks are formulated by expert chefs in Singapore, using the best ingredients such as real salted egg yolk, aromatic curry leaves, and vibrant chili peppers.

Do your snacks contain any known allergens?

Our snacks contain egg, milk, soy, wheat, and tree nut. Snacks are produced in a factory where fish products are also handled.

Are your snacks gluten-free?

No. Our snacks contain wheat.

Are your snacks vegetarian or vegan?

No. Our snacks contain salted egg and milk.

Why does it seem like my chips are all broken/crushed?

If you'll notice in our pictures, our chips are actually purposefully in those bits because we lovingly hand-mix our chips with real salted egg and other chef-crafted ingredients, then bake them right into the chip (as opposed to other brands who just "spray" a powdered flavoring onto the chip). This extra special care into flavoring our chips is what makes IRVINS so #DangerouslyAddictive. In fact, we even recommend you give your bag an extra good shake to properly distribute all the salted egg goodness before you dig in.

How do I use my membership when I am at the store?

Provide either your phone number or email address to get the points.

How do I become IRVINS Danger Club member?

If you do not have an account with us previously or you want to create a new account, simply select "Register" on our website and you will be redirected to IRVINS Danger Club registration.

When will my points reflect in my account?

Points will reflect in your account according to the type of order made:

  • Cartel purchase
    • Keyed in by staff at time of purchase & will reflect in your account immediately
  • Local delivery order
    • Order status changed to completed (1 working day after scheduled delivery date), you will receive an email from us & IDP will reflect in your account

  • International delivery order
    • Order status changed to completed (estimated 3 - 5 working days after order placed date), you will receive an email from us & IDP will reflect in your account

How do I collect points?

You earn points for every dollar you spend with IRVINS.

1SGD = 1 IRVINS Danger Point (IDP)

Can I make purchase from one cartel & claim points at another cartel or another day?

No, as points have to be credited on the same day at the same cartel outlet.

When will my points expire?

Your points will expire 12 months later from the day you join us.

How do I get a voucher code?

You can claim and redeem vouchers available on your Account page.

If I do a refund, will I get my voucher back?

No, used voucher is strictly non-refundable.

Can I use multiple vouchers in one transaction?

You can only use one voucher per transaction.

Can I use my voucher overseas?

Gift/voucher redemption is only valid for use in Singapore or on our International site.

How do I use my voucher at a cartel?

Simply flash your IRVINS Danger Club account and let our staff know which gift/voucher you’ll be using.

How do I use my voucher online?

Simply enter the promo code on the checkout page.

Where can I use my voucher?

You can use it when you make an online purchase on our website or a walk in purchase at our cartels.

Other than your cartels, where else do you sell your snacks?

  • Retailer chains: Cold Storage supermarkets, NTUC supermarkets, 7/11 convenience stores & Cheers convenience stores

  • Official stores on partner platforms: Lazada, Shopee, Grab, Redmart & S-Mart

  • Wildlife Reserves Singapore

Singapore Zoo*

Zoo Entrance (Main Outlets) Opens on Weekdays: 9:00am - 7:00pm
Opens on Weekends and Public Holiday: 8.30am - 7:00pm

*Do note that you will need access to the Zoo in order to enter the shop.

Night Safari**

Night Safari Entrance
Opens daily: 5:00pm - 11:00pm

**Accessible to public, no entrance ticket required

How can I be a distributor?

We are always looking for interested parties looking to partner with us. This includes wholesaling and distributing through select channels.

For enquiries please drop us an email at In your email, please do your best to include as much details as possible on items such as:

  1. What geography you are looking for – continent, region, country or city

  2. Your company overview – history, achievements, list of current products, who are the shareholders, and others

  3. Channel and distribution strategy – modern trade, ecommerce, pop ups, ethnic vs mainstream, upscale vs mass

  4. Marketing strategy – online, offline, above the line / below the line, expected budget and proposed sharing arrangement

We are looking for partners that are more than just wholesalers or distributors. Partners that can grow our brand and products and treat them as their own. Partners with long term commitment and aligned vision. If this sounds interesting, please drop us an email and we will arrange for an initial discussion.

How can I be an overseas franchisee / partner?

We are glad to know that you love our products. Below are the steps you could use to contact us.


While we are recently exploring potential partnerships, we would love to hear what you could offer to us. You could let us know of your company background, why you wish to partner with us, & your plans & visions for IRVINS Salted Egg in your market via our business development email address at Our representative will better advise from there afterwards.

Kindly do take note that only shortlisted applicants will be notified.


If you wish to be a franchisee, you could simply fill out our franchisee form here.

Can I place a bulk order for corporate events?

Yes, you can.

Please fill up the form on our corporate page.

How far in advance do I need to place my delivery order?

Orders will be processed within 1 working day from order placed date.

Fulfilled orders will take 3 - 5 working days to reach recipient.

Do note that we only ship from Mondays to Fridays, excluding weekends and Public Holidays.

What are the delivery fees applicable?

For orders within Singapore that is $20 & above, you will be entitled to a free delivery.

For delivery orders within Singapore that are below $20, there will be a delivery fee of $2.00.

How are delivery orders packed?

All deliveries are packed in carton boxes*, depending on order quantity. Below are our 2 delivery box dimensions:

  • Medium Box
    • 40cm x 40cm x 36cm
    • Fits 14 Big/28 Small pouches

  • Small Box
    • 42cm x 28.5cm x 33cm
    • Fits 8 Big/16 Small pouches

  • * Do note that carrier bags are not provided with delivery orders. If you require any, you will need to indicate in the delivery notes. 

    Is there a maximum quantity for delivery orders?

    You can order up to a maximum of 40 pouches per delivery order.

    Can I have my orders delivered to a hotel address?

    Yes, you can.

    Kindly indicate your hotel reservation/booking reference number inside the delivery notes section upon ordering. Also, please inform the concierge of the hotel to receive our package upon delivery. 

    How do I cancel or edit my delivery order?

    Edits and cancellations are not allowed after order confirmation as per stated in our terms & conditions under Section 3.2 (Order).

    My delivery failed. How do I arrange for a redelivery?

    Our courier will attempt another delivery within 3 consecutive days. After all failed tries, the order will be sent back to us, cancelled, and refunded to you.

    What is your Refund / Exchange Policy?

    Cocoba Pte Ltd (IRVINS) reserves the right to modify the policy at any time without prior notice. Please ensure that you have read through our terms & conditionsto avoid any misunderstandings.

    We strictly do not allow refunds or exchanges for:

    1. Change of mind / interest
    2. Errors you have made in your order

    For Delivery Orders

    It is the responsibility of customers who purchase our products to check the quantity and quality of their delivered order upon receiving it from our third-party logistics provider. Any discrepancies should be reported within 5 working days from the date of delivery. We will only allow refunds for:

    1. Delivery Discrepancies
      • Failure of our third-party logistics partner to fulfil the order
      • Order is not delivered as per scheduled delivery date/time
      • Order is cancelled due to extenuating factors from Cocoba Pte Ltd (e.g. peak periods)

    2. Incorrect Order Quantity
      • There are missing items in the order

    We will only allow exchanges for:

    1. Delivery Discrepancies

      Wrong product(s) delivered

      Kindly drop us an email & attach clear snapshots of the hard copy invoice & all products received. We will arrange a courier to retrieve the order at your convenient date & time after we have verified your case.

      Note: You will be required to return the goods in the same condition as delivered to you. We will not accept returned goods that show any signs of usage or damage. Courier delivery will be scheduled at your convenient date & time (at least 3 working days after we have verified your case). Timeslots are 10am -1pm / 2pm - 5pm / 6pm - 10pm. We do not deliver on weekends, eve of public holidays & public holidays.

    2. Delivery of Defective Products

      Product received is of unsatisfactory quality / has a manufacturing defect

      Kindly drop us an email ( & attach clear snapshots of hard copy invoice, nature of defect & product batch code.

      Note: You will be required to return the goods by depositing the defective product at a convenient cartel. We will not accept returned goods that are almost empty. If you are unable to return the goods (empty or already thrown out), no product exchange will be rendered.

    For Cartel Purchases

    No exchange/refund request will be entertained beyond the purchase date.

    After the purchase date, exchange & refund requests are at the sole discretion of Cocoba Pte Ltd. We may however allow an exchange at the same cartel for manufacturing defects. Original receipt must be presented. We will not accept returned goods that show any signs of usage or damage.

    We may also allow refund for:

    1. Payment Discrepancies
    2. Amount paid & ordered amount do not tally (overcharged)

    Is it safe for Pregnant Women to consume your snacks?

    Yes our Salted Egg Fish Skin is safe for expecting women. It is prudent to consume it in moderation, and check the ingredient list to ensure whether do you have any specific allergen to avoid.

    What are the payment modes accepted at your cartels?

    Singapore Cartels

    Depending on the cartel, the mode of payments accepted will differ.

    • Cash
    • VISA
    • Master
    • JCB
    • UnionPay
    • AMEX
    • Nets
    • Apple Pay
    • Samsung Pay

    International Cartels

    • Cash
    • VISA
    • Master

    What are the payment modes accepted online?

    Payment for delivery order is done online via VISA, MASTER, AMEX, DISCOVER, DINERS CLUB, or JCB.

    How can I do a GST refund?

    For GST refunds, it could only be done for walk-in cartel purchases that are above SGD100 total in Singapore. It could only be done in the cartel with a foreign passport presented. You can refund your GST up to 60 days after purchase date & present up to 3 receipts maximum for the refund.

    How many pouches can the paper bag fit?

    Large Paper Bag fits up to 6 big pouches or 8 small pouches.

    What is your GST Registration number?

    Our GST Registration Number is 200702419E

    Are you hiring?

    Yes, we are.

    We are always on the look out for vibrant people to join our family!

    For job applications, kindly visit our career page at for available job openings or you could email in your resume to our People team at

    Our business representative will get in touch with you shortly should you be shortlisted.