We're thrilled to announce our collaboration with KidZania, blending the irresistible taste of IRVINS snacks wit the immesrive fun of KidZania's experiences. Go on a tasty adventure like never before!

IRVINS and KidZania are teaming up to unveil an electrifying adventure: the first-ever IRVINS interactive snack factory. Kids will dive into the world of IRVINS' famed salted egg snacks!

Watch your little ones become culinary wizards! Suiting up and ready to embark on an exciting snack-making adventure.

Discover the magic behind IRVINS' iconic flavour! Kids will uncover the secrets of IRVINS salted egg recipes. With hands-on fun, they'll craft their very own IRVINS masterpiece!

Get ready for baking excitement! Kids get to watch as their creation turns into a crispy, golden delight before their eyes!

Kids step into the thrilling world of snack packaging. With a press of a button, their pre-packed chips are ready to go, delivering a safe and realistic experience that's sure to thrill!

Dive into a world of excitement at KidZania and IRVINS Snack Factory! Let your kids unleash their creativity as they craft delicious snacks and experience the magic of snack-making. Get ready for a day of unforgettable fun and mouthwatering delights!